Q:How Does Payment for Makeup Services Work?

A: 50% Deposit via Paypal. Remaining balance is due on your appointment date.

Q:Can you travel to for makeup application?

A: The MAKEUP FIX team services parties of 5 or more on-location (NJ/NY/PA/DC/MD/VA) All other parties must come into the Studio for Makeup Services.

Q: How far in advance should I book my makeup appointment?

A: If you know the date… Do Not WAIT!

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Makeup Service Pricing starts at $40. Please Click the Makeup Services tab to find exact pricing for your makeup service. Still have questions about makeup services? Contact Us via the Contact tab.

Q: What happens if I book my appointment and need to cancel? Do I get my deposit back?

A: Deposits are Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

Q: What happens if I book an appointment and MAKEUP FIX cancels?

A: The MAKEUP FIX Brand prides itself on accessional customer service. WE NEVER CANCEL APPOINTMENTS. We have a team of 10+ Beauty Industry Professionals. Emergencies happen. But, we always have a qualified professional who service you incase of emergency.

Q: Why Should I choose MAKEUP FIX product offerings/ services over any other brand?

A: The MAKEUP FIX Brand is insured and has a long list of clients/ customers who can vouch for our quality offerings and dependability. So if anything out of the ordinary happens while being serviced or while wearing our cosmetic product offerings…we’re covered and so are you!

Q: Does MAKEUP FIX still sell lashes?

A: Yes, we’ve expanded our product offering to mix fiber lashes, human hair lashes, mink lashes, liquid lipstick, lip gloss and full face palettes.

Q: I don’t know how to apply lashes but, I want to wear them. Can you show me?

A: Yes, you have two options. Make an appointment for a 1-on-1 lesson at our NYC location or hop on a Video Call with us to learn over the phone.

Q: How much does Airbrushed Makeup Cost?

A: Airbrushed makeup starts at $125. Please click the Makeup Service link on our homepage for more information.

Q: Can you do hair?

A: Yes, We offer Light Hair Styling with heat tools as an add -on service for Bridal Clients.

Q: Are you available on my date?

A: Please Contact Us via the Contact tab for Makeup Service inquiries.

Q: What kinds of products do you use?

A: We use The MAKEUP FIX Brand products along with Top Luxury products found at your local Sephora.

Q: Does the Bridal Party need to be at the Bridal Pre-trial.

A: No. You and one other guest are the only ones invited to the pre-trial. The Bride is the only person who tries on her makeup look at the pre-trial.

Q: Are lashes included for everyone in the Bridal Party?

A: Lashes are included in the quote for everyone being serviced the day of the wedding.

Q: Can I add on extra people for makeup after the contract has been signed?

A: It depends on the schedule. If we can fit in an extra person on the day of your appointment we will gladly service them but, at $35+ the original rate.

Q: Can I come into the studio or on location to watch you do makeup? I’d like to pick up some tips/tricks.

A: You can come into the studio for a 1 on 1 makeup lesson to have all of your questions answered.

Q: Can you send me a list of all the products you used during my appointment.

A: Yes. Product recipes are $25