Makeup Fix is basically makeup “fixation” or makeup “addiction.” I find that once you start wearing makeup and lashes it’s hard to stop. You become addicted to seeing the more polished version of yourself.

The Makeup Fix brand is a beauty brand that was created for women of color. In general, women of color spend over $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, but we are rarely featured in the ad campaigns of major cosmetic retailers. Many times we can’t find products suitable for our diverse beauty needs. As the founder of the brand, my ultimate goal is to make my customers feel like they matter.

I came up with the idea of MAKEUP FIX as an undergraduate at Hampton University. I was the “go-to” makeup artist for special events. Faux eyelashes were always the first item I had to re-stock in my makeup kit. I loved the instant glam faux eyelashes gave, but I noticed that they didn’t blend well with many of my client’s lashes. It took a lot of mascara to get curly lashes to blend with lashes that seemed to “permed” straight. I decided that I would create my own lash brand to satisfy my clients’ needs.

We are the only beauty brand to cater specifically to women of color with naturally curly hair. Our line of premium faux lashes are created by using synthetic, human and mink hairs that mimic the patterns of naturally curly hair. You can find faux lashes just about anywhere these days. However, you will not find a lash suited to mimic the density and coarseness of a woman of color with type 4c hair.

I saw a need for the promotion of positive self image among women of color. I can’t count the number of times I have walked into a department store or major cosmetic superstore and found that a popular cosmetic brand didn’t carry my clients shade of foundation. Or walked down the mascara/lash aisle in one of those stores and only found lashes suitable for women with super straight/permed lashes.

I’ve seen women of color wear the wrong foundation shade simply because the area that they live in doesn’t offer many options. I’ve also seen women sporting false lashes that look like the bristles of a broom, simply because they aren’t provided with an option that would better suit them.

Many large cosmetic retailers are ignoring our demographic. Women of color are under represented and many of us feel as if we are invisible. As a woman of color and a professional makeup artist I feel like it’s my responsibility to promote and service a demographic that major brands choose to ignore.